Purchasing operations are carried out at our Istanbul Head Office.

Feedstock Used

* Corn
* Wheat

Feedstock Specifications    

 Moisture, maximum  





 Starch, minimum



Tarkim Feedstock Purchasing Requirements

* Random samples are collected from the suppliers' trucks at the Tarkim Plant and analyzed for moisture and starch contents as well as for foreign material.

*Feedstock meeting Tarkim's supply specifications will be accepted for delivery at the Tarkim Plant. Feedstock not meeting Tarkim's supply specification will be rejected and the supplier will be duly informed. All charges related to rejected feedstock supply parties will be born by the supplier.

*Tarkim plant has 24-hour feedstock discharge capability.

Feedstock Transportation

Tarkim feedstock purchasing price is based on delivery to plant premises in Bursa - Mustafakemalpaşa.

Payment Terms

*Invoice quantity is per Tarkim weigh scale measurement. Supplier will be notified of such quantity.

*A copy/ Copies of invoice as well as "Borsa Tescil" (Registry) document shall be faxed to Tarkim Head Office.

*Feedstock invoice payments are affected via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).